WW2 - September 1944 - Market-Garden: A bridge too far

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Avialogs Aeronautics, a non-profit organization founded in 2017, is launching its 2018 fundraising campaign. Our objective is to finance this year ongoing restoration work on the last DC-3 present in Quebec. This historic aircraft, built in 1944, is a veteran of the Normandy landings and Operation Market Garden. Converted after the war into a civilian version by Canadair at the Cartierville plant in Montreal, this DC-3 served for a decade with Trans-Canada Airlines and from the 1960s to the late 1980s with Transport Canada.
In parallel with the fundraising campaign, Avialogs is looking for all documents, photos, and testimonials relating to this aircraft and the crews that flew on it during its long career.

The New Avialogs website is partially online. All e-books are being converted to a new format for reading on all types of peripherals, computers, tablets and telephones and will be completed within about three months. More than 5,000 documents remain to be processed. New documents will be made available from September 21st.

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