1947-1957: Trans-Canada Airlines

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The DC-3 was a major milestone for Trans-Canada Airlines (TCA). It was used extensively on all domestic routes except over the Rocky Mountains. It flew as a companion to the faster Lockheed 14 and 18s and eventually with the Viscount which soon replaced it.
TCA operated a total of 30 DC-3s. Twenty seven were former C-47s and three were former USAF C-49s, all converted to airline configuration by Canadair. The first aircraft, CF-TDJ, entered service on November 1st 1945, flying between Toronto and New York. The final aircraft, CF-TEA departed on April 13th 1963.


Our aircraft, during her career with TransCanada Airlines (TCA)

The Pratt & Whitney powered aircraft were designated DC-3P by TCA and the Wright powered DC-3W. The basic DC-3P had three variants as follow:

  • DC-3PT: Originally a training aircraft used also for Cargo
  • DC-3PV : 28 passengers aircraft used on the Pacific Coast only
  • DC-3PC:  Equipped to handle cargo in the front, three rows of seats in the passenger cabin
  • DC-3W : 28 passengers aircraft used on the Pacific coast only 

Registrations were as follow:

TCA Type Model Registration T.C.A number
DC-3W C-49 CF-TDJ 357
DC-3W C-49 CF-TDK 358
DC-3W C-49 CF-TDL 359
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDM 360
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDN 361
DC-3PC C-47 CF-TDO 362
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDP 363
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDQ 364
DC-3PV C-47 CF-TDR 365
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDS 366
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDT 367
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDU 368
DC-3PV C-47 CF-TDV 369
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDW 370
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDX 371
DC-3P C-47 CF-TDY 372
DC-3PV C-47 CF-TDZ 373
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEA 374
DC-3PC C-47 CF-TEB 375
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEC 376
DC-3P C-47 CF-TED 377
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEE 378
DC-3PC C-47 CF-TEF 379
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEG 380
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEH 381
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEI 382
DC-3P C-47 CF-TEJ 383
DC-3P C-47 CF-TER 390
DC-3P C-47 CF-TES 391
DC-3PT C-47 CF-TET 392

Our aircraft, CF-TER started her career with TCA on April 4th 1947 and was withdrawn from service around summer 1957.

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