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In order to honor their memory, we are looking for information, testimonials, documents, photos, on all the crews, soldiers and officers and nurses who flew aboard FZ668 during the Second World War.
A plaque with their names will be affixed to the aircraft upon completion of its restoration and all information collected will be included in one forthcoming book dedicated to our aircraft.

Feel free to contact us if you think you can help us in this endeavor

We were able to identify the following people:


Squadron 271:

271 Squadron


These members of 271 Squadron flew on FZ668:


F/O McNeil J.I. (RCAF 21876)
F/Sgt Pope V.W (RCAF R.200855)
P/O Watters G.J (RCAF R50661)
W/O Johnstone G.B. (RCAF 103656)
F/O Thompson L.M. (RCAF J39616)
F/O H.Z. Rogers (RCAF J 42151)


F/Sgt Allen P.G. (NZ 428063)
F/Sgt Brightling J.P (N.Z. 428776)
F.Sgt Bishop M.R. (NZ 428073)
F.Sgt Fenton A.F. (NZ 426110)
F/Sgt Holmes N.K. (NZ 427458)
F/Sgt Buchanan M.D. (NZ 421615)



F/O K.P. O'Donell (A. 411810)
F/O T.R. Holdsworth (A. 410983)
F/Sgt Talbot H.O.W. (A 422752)
F/Sgt Bayley J.H (A 436310)
F/Sgt Hamilton H.M. (A 433101)
F/Sgt Pearce R.H. (A 436662)



F/O Nicoll J.R,
F/S Dale W/O Marsden C.J.
Sgt Caves R.H.
F/L Riley F.R.
W/O Connolly T.W.
F/O White J.C.
F/O McDonell D.I.
S/L Pearson A.B.
P/O Harrington R.D.
W/O Wemyss H.R.
W/O Gibbons J.S.
W/O Elliot A.
W/O Twiston-Davies
F/Sgt Kimm H.A
Sgt Manson W.J.
W/G Brewer P.
W/O Greenwell L
Sgt Hodson H.
F/Sgt Brown L.R.
F/Sgt Aspden J
F/O J.I MacNeil (J. 21876)
F/Sgt Green H
F/O A Whitaker
F/Sgt Randall W.F.
F/Lt G.J Bailey
Sgt Murray L.A.
W/O Drabble T.J.
F/Sgt Watters G.J. (R. 136778)
F/Lt P.A.D. Hollom
Sgt Brisk S
W/O Elliot A.
F/O G.R. Harvey
Sgt Davis J.L.
Sgt King E.
F/O E.Pritchard
F/Lt F.R. Riley
F/O A.H Sherval
F/Sgt Wilson W.B.
F/Sgt Maunder J.K.
F/Sgt Green H
F/O Thompson L.M
Sgt Flood K.W.
Sgt Winckworth R.A.
F/O Norris S.E.
F/Sgt Foster G.
F/O Peirce D.R.
F/Sgt Laking L.R.
W/O Hall E.R.
P/O Hodgson F.
W/O Hold G.
F/Sgt Goodwin N.J.
W/O Craw N.R.
F/Sgt Flood K,W,
F/O P.A. Lewis
F/O C.H Deakin
F/O W.G. Woods
F/L T.J. Powell
F/L D.K. Hirst
F/O C.T. Bearne
F/Sgt Thompson R.L.
F/L J.Delaney
F/L R.Fellows
F/O H.T Mundy
F/O R.Williams
F/Lt R.N. Smith
F/O J. Rainsford
F/Sgt Wensley E.E.
W/O Quin C.F.
W/O Sidebottom M.
F/Sgt Tipping P.
F/O K.C. Wilson
F/Lt W.A.B. Carter
F/O J. Foster
F/O E. Anderson
F/Lt W.A. Pearce
F/O A.C. Doyle
F/O F.C. Edmonds DFC
W/O Rowbottom C
F/O H.G Merson
F/Sgt Bird K.J.
F/O A.E. Harvey
F/Sgt Van Natter K,R, (R. 198772)
P/O P.D. Crowden-Longstreath
P/O J.N Highan
W/O Wallace D.



Lt England J.K. (captured around 7AM on June 6th) 
Private T. Billington (Murdered by german on June 6th)
Private A. Bunning (captured)
Private R. Johnson 
Private R.H. O’Hara 
Private F.J. Haselden (Captured on June 6th)
Private A.H. Warner (KIA on June 6th)
Private A. Partridge
Private S. Davies
Private S. Hamilton
Craftman T.A. Thoumine, Died on June 10th from wounds sustained on June 6th 
Captain C.E. Greenwood (KIA on June 7th)
Chaplain G.A. Kay (KIA on june 7th)
Sgt W. Davis
Sgt C.J. Popham 
S/L Groom



Corporal Horsbursch
Corporal Kerridge
Private Hainey
Staff-Sergeant Alexander McMillan (6296502)



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