WW2 - October 1944 - May 1945: Path to victory

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During this period, FZ668 carried out resupply missions, mainly to bases B.56 (Brussels Evere) and B.58 (Brusells  Melsbroek). These flights departed from Northolt.

On January 1st, 1945, The Luftwaffe launched a last gasp operation, a massive attack on allied airfields to regain air superiority. While the operation was a tactical success, it was ultimately a failure, with heavy German casualty rates and rapid replacement of the Allied aircraft destroyed. Between 30 and 40 Me 109s and Fw 190s attacked B.56 Brussels and destroyed seven Dakotas, K6973, K6943, K6686, K6994, K6998 and K6024, which were the only air ambulances on the continent. They also killed Leading aircraftman J. Hyams (1698152).

FZ668, along with other Dakotas of 271 Squadron, was given the task of conducting regular medical evacuation flights and the repatriation of prisoners of war.

From April onward the acceleration of allied troop progress in Germany led to an increase in operational flights for FZ668, mainly to transport cargo and fuel for bases in the Netherlands and Germany, with return flights dedicated to the evacuation of wounded.


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