June 1945 - July 1946: Last months with the RAF

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The flight frequency did not slow down for FZ668 with the end of the war in Europe. For several months she made daily flights between England and Germany to bring back war prisoners.

Starting in October, 271 Squadron’s mission changed to become long distance troop transport. In October, FZ668 transported soldiers to Cairo, Egypt. In November, she flew to Karachi. FZ668 was then transferred to 187 Squadron and operated from Karachi and Mumbai. She then briefly serves with the 1136 Conversion Unit.

In March 1946, FZ668 was transferred to 525 Squadron. She mainly flew freight to the RAF base in Bückerburg, Germany, which was under construction. Bückerburg became the airport serving the RAF headquarters in Germany located in Bad Eilsen.

In July 1946, FZ668 was retired from RAF service and was transferred to the USAAF as part of the Lend-Lease program.


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